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It all starts with the decision to bring a new product onto the market or to modify an existing design. The marketing team or design agency then develops a concept for new packaging – either completely new or in a new format. A new packaging design may also require a new printing process with different materials, machines and colours. The large number of this kind of parameters makes the precise implementation of the design concept in the new process even more important.



The marketing idea is usually passed on to a design agency who then develop an appropriate concept and various design proposals. We can also become active at this early stage and support the designers in orienting themselves on the opportunities and limitations of the final packaging parameters during the development of the design. Taking into account the shape and material of the packaging allows the design and image to be optimised.

Working together with partners in the graphics production chain, we use early exchanges with brand designers to contribute to better understanding with regard to the feasibility and thus the final image of the design.



Customers usually approve the design concept using colour printouts, models, digital proofs, PDF files or other templates. Once the layout has been approved, the design needs to be adapted to the printing requirements for industrial processing. This adaptation includes technical parameters such as format, cutting lines and adhesive borders, as well as a wide range of other criteria which have to be integrated into the design. Once the adaptation is complete, the artwork data is passed on to the performance partner so that they can create a printing form. This service may be offered internally by the marketing department or by an agency, or by us, who see this service as an integral part of the process.

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